Creating meaningful nature connected experiences.

Founded in 1993, we offer inspiring, wellness based explorations of the Sunshine Coast, British Columbia. 

Awaken your true nature in the wild

Rejuvenate yourself among coastal inlets & mountain ranges on the Sunshine Coast of British Columbia. Metta Eco-Experiences offers adventure tourism journeys, including spectacular Bioluminescent Kayaking, Ocean Kayak Adventures, 22 ft. Boat Tours and Custom 38 ft. Classic Charters through the inlets. All our experiences focus on reconnecting with nature and exploring the beautiful marine and land based environments. Our qualified facilitator guides are knowledgeable, insightful and experienced. They will frame your experience based on your comfort zone and introduce you to safe and exciting ways to journey in the natural world. Our goal is to provide educational and sustainable experiences, that we hope will create long lasting memories of your time here on the incredible BC Sunshine Coast!

Our Journeys & Tours

The “Into the Night” Journey presents an opportunity to sea kayak at night, and learn about one of the largest daily mass migrations in the world. It is a surreal experience to open our senses as we discover the nocturnal world.. Living organisms emit light, causing the water to glow and sparkle magically. Any motion in the ocean accents this offering, a dance of light as we paddle in darkness. The night sky is magnificent and the journey offers time for solo reflection in a safe and silent environment.

Experience the ocean in a unique way that few have had the opportunity to enjoy!  Witness the waters and marine life of the Sechelt Inlet awaken with a bioluminescent glow. Your kayak glides as if flying, opening your senses in the silence, inviting you to connect deeply with the life source of our planet and the gifts of the unseen world of nature.

3 Hours | $120 + GST pp


The Inlet Explorer Journey is a nature connected custom tour of the Sunshine Coast with a certified skipper.

A great opportunity to experience the incredible Inlets of this beautiful area with guides that are passionate about nature. Our tours are experiential with great conversation as we journey together. We provide insight into cultural history, nature wellness awareness and interpretive information. Tea and muffins included. 

2 Hours | $120 + GST PP

Book 3 persons/ 17% off ~ Book 4 persons/ 20% off order


Experience a custom tour of the Inlets and beaches near Egmont, Sunshine Coast B.C., with certified skippers/eco guides, (Greg is also a professional photographer.)

Travel to beaches for swimming, enjoy a picnic lunch (included), go on a photo safari, learn about the story of the land or consider a forest-based wellness option.

Our 22-foot watercraft seats 4 and is a solid fiberglass ocean going boat with a canopy. We offer custom marine tours, combined with land options, and welcome dogs, babies and young children for free. Our focus is on sustainable tourism and wellness.

We provide experiential tours, and enjoy engaging in inspirational conversations with our customers as we journey together. This is a 4-hour journey

4 Hours | $200  + GST pp

Book 3 persons/ 17% off ~ Book 4 persons/ 20% off order


The beautiful Coast of the Pacific Ocean is so full of wonder and biodiversity. Our journey provides you with the opportunity to explore the coastal waters and forests of Sechelt Inlet with the intent of connecting with nature’s magic and healing properties.

5 – 6 Hours | $200


There are many beautiful lakes located in Egmont, BC. The many bays and pristine shorelines offer a great way to spend the day exploring and learning.

Your journey includes a choice of single or double expedition sea kayaks as well a variety of experiences that will enhance the tour. We will be providing  basic to advanced kayak lessons on the water for those who wish to learn.  The journey will also focus on nature based interpretation and wellness awareness . We will be stopping for swims in season which can include learning rescues and rolls. A shore lunch will be included as well as the opportunity to connect with the forests energy. This is an awesome day of leisure learning and adventure!

3 Hours | $150+GST pp


Our Classic Boat Tour is an opportunity to go on an imaginary journey “back in time”.  The Shirah is a 38 foot Express Cruiser built in the UK in 1955. Onboard, we invite you to leave the cultural world behind as we connect with nature through our senses and inner knowing … Let go… sit back…. relax with a refreshment as we slowly cruise the inlets.

6 Hours | $300 + GST pp


The Sunshine Coast is renowned for it’s beautiful landscapes and sunsets and few areas are more impressive than right here in Egmont. Join us for a slow boat tour to witness the twilight and tour the inlets.

This charter tour offers the chance to explore our cherished marine environment and natural history, promoting cultural awareness as you learn about the story and energy of the BC Sunshine Coast.

2 Hours | $150+ GST PP


Choose your adventure today!