Our Story

EST. 1993
about metta eco


Metta Eco Experiences began in 1993 as a way to provide people with the opportunity to connect with nature in a unique way. It is our view that being in nature itself is a form of therapy. Our levels of stress are reduced and our sense of well being is enhanced when we are connected with the natural world.

In most western cultures we are now spending 90 percent of our life indoors. The affects of this are having a major impact on our health. Most people have limited time when on vacation and often are unsure how to connect in an authentic way with nature. We have suppressed many of our natural web strings which are the 50 plus senses that represent an inner knowing and a way of communicating with nature.

Our Metta Eco Experiences bring together the passion and awareness that we have for the unseen and the physical world that we all are in relationship with. We look forward to your awakening … come home to nature with Metta Eco-Experiences.

Greg Rushton & Meriel Cammell


For decades Greg and Meriel have been connecting people with adventures in Nature!

 Greg started guiding at 16 years of age as part of his family’s summer camp business near Algonquin Park, Ontario. Beginning as a canoe tripper, he progressed into leading kayak, horse, dog sled, hiking and winter expedition guided programs. Greg developed and managed a world class resort over several decades that combined luxury and adventure experiences. He is a certified sailor, pilot, skipper, scuba diver, sea/whitewater kayaker and climber.

Greg is also a professional nature photographer, and formally studied transpersonal therapy and vibrational energy healing. His photographs are motivated by a vision to express the life force and spirit that permeates the living world. Greg is inspired to communicate through the 50 plus web strings that we all have, that open us up to the nameless language of nature, which is based on feelings. His art is a product of being in love with nature.

Meriel was a ski instructor at various B.C. mountains, and assistant ski school director at Manning Park Resort, and together with her former husband, windsurfed and climbed in the summer months. Deciding to leave the snow behind, they lived on board a sailboat for 10 years, eventually sailing down to Mexico. They spent 3 years exploring the Sea of Cortez and the Mexican mainland, tree planting in the spring season to fund their exploits, and eventually sailing offshore through Hawaii to return to Canada. After the birth of their daughter, they built a 27’ open hulled, 10 seater Pahi catamaran to bring guests out to explore the Gulf Islands of the Salish Sea, and also returned to windsurfing, traveling many times down to Mexico to camp and connect with the wind, waters and desert lands of Baja. 

Meriel is a Registered Shiatsu Therapist and Reiki Master Practitioner, and has practiced Qi Gong and Tai Chi for close to 20 years. After discovering their alignment and mutual love for nature, Greg & Meriel decided to join forces in 2020, and are excited to share their passion for guiding people to experience the magick that surrounds us… 

As qualified facilitator guides, Greg and Meriel help you to connect to the story of the land by inviting you to look deeper within and to see the energy and magic that surrounds us in the heart of nature.

In Memoriam

Our official greeter, sweet Mr. Marco Polo, was with us until the last tour of the 2021 season, October 12th, performing his duties of personally greeting our guests one by one with his gentle, graceful nature. He passed on October 18th after a long adventurous life and is missed by many.