In the Heart of Nature

the life that surrounds us

Sunshine Coast Gallery

Greg is a facilitator guide for Metta Eco-Experiences on the Sunshine Coast of BC, and also a professional nature photographer. His passion though is impressionist photographs that communicate the vibrance and vibration of our natural world.

“Our world is alive, is intelligent, is conscious and flows through us and around us. It is sacred as are we. As a photographer I must try to vibrate with love and ask permission to be in the sacred space of the forest and the waters. I listen to my Web strings and feelings that connect me to life. We as humans often live in and create fear energy around us, which can block us from connecting with nature. This closes us off from the life force and the spirit of the wild. Be in Love, Be in the Now and Be in Gratitude for the living energy and life that surrounds us, and find the magick, for it is everywhere.” – Greg Rushton